I posted the challenge on Facebook.

I started with what I thought was witty: Sat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Well, my friends blew me out of the water.  Enjoy.  We can all use a laugh.

The Sound and the Furry

The Hound House

Cate and the Hate

Lord of the Fries

Madame Ovary

The Wind in the Pillows

Malice in Wonderland

To Fill a Mockingbird

Bone with the Wind

The Handmaid’s Talk


Wizard of Ok

Bar and Peace

Of Lice and Men

As I Lay Drying

Fun with Dicks and Jane

[The Old Man and the Semen] not one letter

Oliver Twit

Drapes of Wrath

Lady Chatterley’s Liver

Price and Prejudice: A History of Economics


Mudler on the Orient Express


On the Toad

The Scarlet Litter

The Scat in the Hat

Leaves of Glass

Othello, The Boor of Venice

Windows 7 For Mummies

To Bill a Mockingbird

The Plaque

The Maize Runner

The Ars of The Deal

The Bear of Magical Thinking

Depth of a Salesman

Paradise Host

Angela’s Rashes

The Drying Game

The Whining

Grave New World…

The Bun Also Rises

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Scone

The Mall of the Wild

Fart of the Deal

Animal Fart

Gas You Like It

Fart and Away


Puss and Toots

Blast of The Moicans

Winnie the Poot

Goodnight Moron

War and Pence

Furious George


The Secret Life of Beets

Pygmy Lion

To Fill A Mockingbird -Repeat??


A Brief History of Tile

Rip Van Tinkle

Charlotte’s Wed

Cold Fountain

Dong of Solomon

Charlotte’s Wet

Farewell to Farms


The Art of Dancing in the Drain

The Name of the Nose

Ken and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Gone with the Wine

Rubber Bride

Mild Seed

Sons and Livers

Sins and Livers

Lilith’s Broom

Waiter for Elephants

Slaughter in the Dark

A Wrinkle in Mime

A Wrinkle in Mine

A Wind in the Boor

A Swiftly Silting Planet

Many Walters

An Acceptable Tome

A Ring of Endless Blight

The Harm of the Starfish

Prude and Prejudice

On the Toad- repeat??

The Gravedigger’s Laughter

The Angina Monologues

The Fart of Happiness

Elf-Reliance: Santa’s Tale of Labor Violations in a Materialistic Society

The Great Gnatsby

The Hell Jar

A Man Called Oven

Trumpelstiltskin  (I kind of feel like this one wins!)



Holey Bible

Here the Sidewalk Ends

The Princess Bridle

Adventures of Fuckleberry Finn


This Slice of Paradise

Winnie the Poop

The Fart of War

Withering Heights

Hearts of Dorkness


Gone With the Mind

Grate Expectations: Everything You Wanted to Know About Cheese

Great Sexpectations

Homeo and Juliet

Shat Happened

The Light in the Attica

The Boy of Sex

Admiral Pornblower

Tortilla Frat

Eat, Prey, Love

Eat, Pry, Love


The Lion, The Bitch, and the Wardrobe

The Mouse of Mirth

The Hound and the Fury Subtitle: When the Mailman Comes

A Massage to India


The Handmaid’s Male

In Cold FLood

50 Shades of Whey

Ender’s Lame

Elder’s Game-

Elder’s Lame-

The Flan of the Cave Bear

Litmus for the Prosecution

A Brie Grows in Brooklyn

The Grades of Wrath

The Things They Married

The Bitches of Eastwick

The Fart of Fielding

The Wonder of All Thongs

The Audacity of Dope

KIllers of the Earth

The Return of the Klingons

The Old Man and the Pea

The Kelp

Of Rice and Men-

Down the Grabbit Hole

The Secret life of Fleas

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stoned

Thanks to Anna for typing these all up for us!

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