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LVAIC Women’s and Gender Studies Conference 2017 is in the books!

We had a great day–over 50 scholars shared work.  Here’s my introduction of the keynote during which I talk about the importance of WGS.

Time to learn more about settler colonialism

We hope you have listened to Episode Seven, and if you haven’t, here you go! Here are some links to help you delve into the topic even more. What Is Settler Colonialism? Settler Colonial Studies blog Change the Mascot! Thomas King’s The Truth About Stories Native Appropriations Indian Country Media Network Let us know if […] […]

Stop Talking for Me

Originally posted on A Postcolonial Something:
American Olympic sabre fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad I’m not really sure when or where the notion of third-world oppression (particularly in the Middle Eastern region) began. Thinking back on my post from last week, I suppose its always been there. To me though, I can only recall it becoming prevalent…

Not All Women

Originally posted on Heather's Post-Colonialism Page:
Another post, another disclaimer. I am an atheist and have been all my life. I come away from this week’s readings troubled with how I can explain my distrust of indoctrinating children into religion without being disrespectful of an adult’s choice in their personal faith. In many ways…

Adichie in the news

I am sitting at my second home enjoying the calm before the storm. I am enjoying my ‘break’ to the best of my ability, but the only real way I know how to relax is by napping….and I can only do that so much. My boyfriends mom is cooking in the kitchen: steak, sweet potatoes, […] […]

Edward Said: Orientalism

Originally posted on English 502: An Introduction:
The concept of Orientalism and the writing of Edward Said seem to be inescapable in the world of Postcolonial scholarship, and unfortunately, the applicability of the ideas to our modern world is alarming. Having read this excerpt first as an undergraduate and now twice as a graduate student, the…

My Invisible Identity: Being a Disabled Woman on International Women’s Day

Originally posted on Her Road Less Traveled:
As I try to figure out where to begin, I am at a loss so perhaps the best thing to do is just come out and say it. Being a disabled woman sucks. Being an intersectional feminist ( someone who tries to examine and include all voices who…

TV Appearance, Round Two: What Grade Would You Give Donald Trump?

  Business Matters was kind enough to ask me back, this time to evaluate the first month of President Trump’s administration. I brought my same concerns about representing gender studies, but at least this time I knew what to expect, knew that I would survive the taping. This time I didn’t want to come off […]

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