Announcing our Podcast: Inside 254 Launches!

As we sat in our hotel room in Montreal the day after the 2016 election, my officemate Amanda and I decided we need to take action upon the election of Donald Trump.  We collaborated on our Manifesto for the Majority.  Little did we know then the majority would be close to 3 MILLION people.

So here we are, a few weeks out from the Women’s March and the Inauguration (I like to think of them in that order of importance), wondering what the next four months will bring, much less four years.

Amanda and I thought a lot about what we can bring to the table, what we can say or do to be a balm for the gaping wound that may continue to open on our country.

Because if the majority rules, then love won over fear.

Our podcast uses our office, 254 Lytle, as a guiding structure.  We have been offered our own offices for years.  We don’t want them.  We prefer collaborative spaces over walled off ones.  In our office, we teach and research and work on issues of indigeneity, gender, labor, and non-western narratives.  Our office has been our sanctuary, a place where we can close the door and talk and plan and support each other.

We decided to let you in.  Because we think you need such a space as well.

Our podcast goes below the social media level of discourse and unpacks at a deeper level an issue dealing with social justice.  We drop a new episode every other week on Friday morning. Each episode is meant to be smart, approachable, and manageable to consume, coming in around fifteen minutes.  You can listen on your drive, during your walk, while cooking dinner.

Or maybe in a moment when you need to remember you are not alone.

We are also working to post links to show our research to ensure that we are transparent and that you can vet our sources.

And we promise we won’t just talk about Donald Trump.  We added the “Trumpster Fire” section to limit the amount of air Trump takes out of the room.

But we will be honest:  if HRC had won, there probably wouldn’t be an Inside 254.

I hope I have convinced you to check us out!  We are working on getting through the iTunes vetting.  Right now you can find us on podbean.  Click here to listen to our first episode or to download and take it with you.

Follow our blog to learn more about each episode.

Follow us on Facebook.

The podcast is free and will always be free.  If you want to help us pay for hosting, you can find our go fund me campaign here.

Really, though, what we want is for you to LISTEN and SHARE.  That is the support we really, really want in 2017.  

Enjoy.  Let me know what you think.  You can comment here or on our podcast’s page.

FINAL Inside 254 Logo.jpg



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