F*ck Hillary Clinton

This happened September 20…

As I was driving today, I sat at a red light. I heard “Fuck Hillary Clinton” from behind me. I thought, really? But then he kept yelling it. I put my car in park and went to confront him. I asked him what he thought he was doing, that I had a four-year old in my car and he needs to stop screaming “fuck.” He kept yelling it louder.

The light was now green. I told him to stop yelling and asked the woman driving this white, twenty-something male if she was ok with this behavior. She ignored me. [A week later I am concerned that she was being abused by him and I put her in a bad situation by asking her to comment.]

He continued to yell, call me a bitch, and tell me I am not his mother. He continued to yell as I got back in my car and drove away.

Ev talked about it the entire ride home. For twenty minutes we had to talk about why what he did was not a good choice. I am sure he never thought I would get out of my car and confront him, but I refuse to be cowed. I have had “loser” yelled me at a few times; I can deal with that. I have a whopping two Hillary stickers on my car. But to scream and curse like a crazy person–this is the kind of behavior such hateful rhetoric Trump’s actions are encouraging. [I have had lots of people I love tell me they are mad at me for getting out, that there are lots of crazy people out there and they would be really mad at me if I got shot.  I tell them I get that, but I am not going to be bullied and I will always be that person who gets out of her car.]

Meanwhile, Ev knows we are voting for Hillary and Vera Cole, but she also knows we don’t hate Trump or his voters. I teach her to dislike his policies. That is what I am teaching in my house.

But in other houses clearly people are being taught that yelling obscenities at strangers is appropriate. I am sure I will get a lot of “I am sorry this happened to you,” and while that is nice, what I really want to know in the comments is what each and every one of you is doing to elevate the rhetoric above hate.

When I got back in the car, Ev told me I was brave that I went and talked to him. And I was. Because the way he talked to me like a silly little lady showed me that we need to disrupt this kind of behavior every single time [just as Hillary did in the debate!].

Also, I will be ordering a Hillary sign after I post this comment [still waiting for it!]. If you are with her, I hope you will do something to help her get elected and show your support publicly along with me. And if you aren’t with her, I want to know what you are doing to elevate the rhetoric in your household so the same doesn’t happen again to me and my four-year-old.





  1. Deplorable as it is, you’ve illustrated why I never put political stickers on my car. You might want to start discussing risk vs reward with your child. The world outside your home is full of idiots and people who behave badly. If you parade your opinions in front of them, they can get triggered and go out of bounds. Free speech has consequences you should be prepared for.

    1. A sticker=harassment? I am fine with consequences that match the speech.

      1. It’s not a new behavior. My car got “keyed” in 1972. The police noted that the scratches began near my bumper sticker supporting McGovern. I took the hint, and haven’t had any “harassment” since. It’s better to choose more winnable battles, unless you plan to live in your car.

  2. This makes me angry. so angry.

  3. Last night my husband and I watched the TV show “Designated Survivor.” In the show, due to an attack taking out all of the government except two designated survivors, the police in Michigan began rounding up Muslims. It was similar to the interment camps of WWII. My husband is an Army veteran, he was a medic for 10 years in the Army and was in every third world country the government could deploy him. He is a Republican. I said, “Why do people believe this is the answer?”

    He replied, “Where do we live?”

    “The United States.”

    “Exactly, meaning many different people in one nation. People need to start to understand what that exactly means. They need to understand the definition and connotation of that. I do not agree with Donald Trump’s politics and I will never believe that the answer to ending terrorism is through more hate. The answer is more understanding.”

    It’s moments like this I can overlook the fact that he’s Republican.

    1. What a great story. Thank you for sharing! I know tons of Republicans who aren’t nasty and believe in understanding. Thanks for reminding us!

  4. marlanaesquire · · Reply

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    Way to go, Colleen!

  5. nick kutsmeda · · Reply

    I thought it was quite funny during the debate that Trump kept mentioning how Hillary was running these horrible, mean ads against him. What I thought was funny was the fact that so many of her ads simply play uncut clips of some of the things that he has said throughout the campaign. I also have a little girl, and she is one of the main reasons that I am voting for HIllary. Our country needs to find a way to come together so that our government can actually accomplish some things. Spewing hatred is only going to divide us further than we already are divided.

    1. Thanks for the comment!

  6. […] binaries were unraveling.  I was on an election panel in which I denounced sexism and racism.  I was harassed with my daughter in the car.  None of that […]

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