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When Grades Incite Violence: Why I Am More and More Afraid to Be in Education

I am shaken this morning.  Again.  Another shooting on a campus.  After twenty years of being in a classroom, I find myself thinking “it is only a matter of time” when I used to think “this could never happen here.” But this morning’s news that a student shot a “brilliant, kind, and caring” 39-year-old professor […]

New Fall 2016 Course: ENG 278: Women Writers Around the World — Kutztown University English Department

Join Dr. Colleen Clemens MWF from 1:00-1:50 for ENG 278: Women Writers Around the World. (This course is also cross-listed as WGS 278 as part of the Women’s and Gender Studies minor.) The root of the course is to bring marginalized voices to the forefront for a semester. Often women writers don’t find themselves in […] […]

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