Dear Donald…

Dear Donald,

I have avoided acknowledging you because I didn’t want to be one of the business of flies hovering over the turd pile.  I have things to do: articles to write, lessons to teach, a child to rear.  I have done a decent job of ignoring your blathering, even though when I hear your name and the word “frontrunner” together, I vomit in my mouth a little.

Honestly, I went to see Duran Duran on the Thursday night of the debate instead of watching your shit-show.  But like a fly to a turd, I couldn’t resist looking at some of the clips on Friday morning.  I wish I had stuck with Simon’s “Wild Boys” and stayed away from the man-riddled stage we are calling a debate.

Because then I saw this…

Allow me to offer you five things that might be of more concern to the country than what you consider to be the most pressing issue:  political correctness.  Because while I will be the first to admit language matters, I refuse to believe you think language is the most important issue facing our nation.

There are way more than five, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you.

1.  Income Inequality

2.  Overcrowded Prisons

3.  Underfunded Education

4.  Food Insecurity

5.  Militarization of the Police

Normally I would say something like “I humbly submit these to you for your consideration,” but to you I say:  Do your fucking homework.  You want to be president, not a reality tv star.  Get your shit together.  Or don’t.  All the better for me and the rest of informed voters.

With Piss and Vinegar,


P.S.  I am officially finished wasting my time thinking about you.  I can’t wait until the rest of the country gets on board.



  1. Yesss!! He is so degrading, and he wants to be president??!! Ugh.

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