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Weekly Digest: Girlhood

I spent some time this week thinking about the experience of taking my daughter to see Cinderella.  When my students asked about what I thought about it, my response of “Oh, I have things to say” garnered a chuckle.  There are times when I wish I could just watch a show, read a book, or […]

Weekly Digest: College Edition

Several deadlines are calling my name.  Spring Break has ended.  The long slog to May feels impossible thanks to the fifth cold of the season and the 800th snow event behind us. But the ire-raising news and images don’t let the weary rest.  This week has produced not shocking news about college campuses and media […]

“Pregnancy PTSD”: Fertility Treatments and Pregnancy

Finally, she is pregnant.  Finally, Amy Klein is pregnant. I have been following her fertility journey on Motherlode for years.  And now she is into her second trimester.  And I can’t breathe for her. In “After IVF:  Pregnant but still stuck in the past,” Klein talks about a term I used as well during my pregnancy […]

Women Without Men at Kutztown University

Join me and Dr. Bob Kilker this week for a discussion of this film! Here’s a flyer you can share on your campus: clemensposter copy

Weekly Digest: March 14–Miscellany

Since I have started writing these weekly digests, I have never run out of material.  I knew when I posted stories to Facebook (which I have since quit) that there was so much happening, but I never really allowed myself to digest the information, sit on it for a few days, select what I want […]

Happy International Women’s Day: Make It Happen!

This year’s theme is “Make It Happen,” asking all of us to move beyond awareness and into the realm of making material change for women.  Time‘s Charlotte Alter offers a succinct piece about this call to action here. I wanted to share some stories of women making it happen today. Women Make Movies is offering […]

Weekly Digest: March 5–Mother and Child Edition

The past weeks have brought much news of about mothering and growing up female.  Much of the news is saddening and frustrating.  The New York Times published a story explaining why, even in the midst of a rapidly growing economy, pregnant women are “gravely underweight.” The reasons for Indian mothers’ relatively poor health are many, […]

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