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Safety first!

If you need some time due to power outages, etc., don’t panic.  We can all regroup on Wednesday.  Be safe.  And no field trip.  Boo!

Week Ten: Before We Leave Africa Behind

I do want to draw your attention to two interesting non-fiction-ish reads, “How Not To Write About Africa” and “How To Write About Africa.”  They both make me smile, and, of course, think.  And if you want to read something with a “happy ending,” I humbly submit to you Adichie’s short story “The Headstrong Historian” […]

Week Nine: The Heart of Darkness

Quick, grab a piece of paper and write the word “Africa” at the top.  Now write down whatever comes to mind.  Take two minutes.  I’ll wait. Before my undergraduate students begin to discuss Heart of Darkness, I ask them to think about “Africa” and make a list of all of the things that come to mind. […]


I am five hours away presenting at a conference.  With a one-year old.  With a strike looming.  We are all humans. I have watched the comments from my phone in between getting ready to present and managing my daughter.  On a Saturday.  With no access to a computer with a keyboard.  I have ten minutes, […]

Zina Saro-Wiwa (daughter of executed Nigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa) on her hair

Since hair came up a few weeks ago, thought I would share this video I just found.  The embed code isn’t working, so click here for the five minute video.    

The Colonized Body

Several of you already started to get at this idea of the body as a site for the colonial project (and I would argue as a site for resistance)…this week’s readings will ask you to push that idea and consider the role of gender in colonization and the effects on “gender” in the post-colonial era. […]

Because we all need to laugh for four minutes, even if we are laughing at tragicomedy

In which I almost lose my cool and tear a page out of a book at Ev’s pediatrician

Another topic on which we could have an entire course: Gender theory (or, In Which Dr. C encourages all of us to take a hike)

Well, piggybacking on what I said last week, if there is a second essay that has most informed my writing, it would be Gayatri Spivak’s essay “Can The Subaltern Speak?” (Here is the full text that you will need for this week.)  Spoiler alert:  the answer is no.  But I am guessing you could have […]

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