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What I imagine will be an interesting and important documentary…

I am not always a fan of Kristof’s writing, but I usually agree with his message about how girls are treated. You might want to consider finding some time to watch the documentary Half the Sky on PBS this week.

Orientalism: In which Dr. C attempts to upload a presentation; in which the students put on a lens they will never be able to remove

First, I want to reiterate how much I appreciate the attention and time you are giving your own blogs and your peers’.  You are really setting the bar high for each other.  That is what graduate school is for–to push your brain’s function well past its previous abilities.  I enjoy reading your different interpretations.  They […]

Thinking about grad school?

If you are thinking about grad school, you might want to look into the GRE lit test.  It is only offered in November, so if you are hoping to apply by January 1 for next fall, you need to get that duck in a row now…Just saying.  If you ever need to have a conversation […]

Isn’t Every Po-Co Novel about hybridity in the end?

With hundreds more on my shelf waiting to be read and hundreds already behind me, I find myself asking the above question more and more often.  I feel like the trope of searching for identity, while really in all books, comes through almost every time I use my po-co theory lens and sit with a […]

Rushdie to speak in Philly

Hi, all.  I think some of you might be interested in checking out this event:  Rushdie is speaking at the Free Library in Philly. I have seen him speak, and he knows how to work a crowd.  It is worth a night of your life if you can spare it.  And there’s a great restaurant, […]

Thoughts about the “papers”…

I have had some questions about the two major assignments for the class, so here is what I am looking for.  Most importantly, I would like you to leave the class with something useful to you in your life beyond December.  For the teachers in the group, I imagine a well-thought out unit plan that […]

Rushdie in the News

Boy, was my drive into KU exciting today.  With the release of his new book Joseph Anton (which I might have to buy now, even though I hate hardcover books), Salman Rushdie is all over the news.  And then NPR did a story about Asian cinema, and I almost had to pull over, I was […]

Mimcry, Identity, and the bildungsroman

I hope you have already buckled your seat belts, because our wild ride through po-co theory continues this week with the concept of mimicry and then next week with hybridity.  My diss advisor Deep Singh is, for real, a lifesaver, because he has articulated these two concepts in a way I have never seen before. […]

Po-Co in the News

So many of you are referring to the election cycle and its use of rhetoric about nationalism, I feel I have to bring this controversy to your attention.  If you don’t have time to check it out, that is ok, but I think some of you might be interested in the film 2016 playing in […]

Say What? Issues of Language

I am especially impressed by the posts I have read so far about nationalism.  It sounds like a lot of you are working on defining your subject positions using the theory we are reading.  I find that thrilling.  I am also learning so much about each of you through the elements you are sharing:  the […]

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