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My thoughts on blogging and some blogs to check out…

We are going to experiment with starting and maintaining our discussions in the blogosphere instead of on D2L for several reasons. First, I think you have more control over the way you present yourself.  You can personalize the “space” a bit more. Second, I like the idea of you having something that will follow you […]

Welcome to the world of Po-Co Lit and Theory!

We will run the majority of class here, so consider our command center for the course.  We will use D2L for document upload and grading purposes, but most of our conversations will take place here and, I am hoping, on Skype.   In the meantime, check out  A big chunk of your participation […]

Esperando por una Revolución

Una Historia de Amor

Comp is Awesome

Where everyone loves comp

Women & Pregnancy

Exploring the experiences women have during pregnancy

DemiConsensual: Gender, Sexuality, and Feminism in the Modern World

Making sense of all things gender, sexuality, identity, and feminist in our current culture.

The Female Reflection

A blog of opinon based responses to female literature & film

Standardized Testing

How testing harms children

Lay's Thoughts

Feminist Theory


A blog about how to navigate feminism

Reflections for Educators

A website for using the Reflections series in the classroom

Small Town Feminist

Thoughts and comments from a college feminist living in a small town.

2016 Presidential Election: Women's and Gender Issues

"Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance." — Kofi Annan