Last summer I was invited to give a talk on the state of abortion in the United States as part of a discussion series hosted by the KU Women’s Center.  RBG died September 18. My talk was October 7. The night RBG died, I was spending time with my family and trying really hard to […]

I am always so happy when WLT thinks my work deserves some space on their site.  Here is my essay on literature coming out of the Easter Sunday Bombings.

The boys in my graduating class of 1992 hated their grey graduation gowns; they joked that they looked like baked potatoes.  Meanwhile, the girls wore striking red gowns.  Our school colors were reflected in the sea of red and grey on the floor of the gymnasium. The optics of these two colors could move one […]

East Stroudsburg University invited me to be their keynote speaker for Women’s History Month.  It was a great night of engaging with students, staff, and faculty.  Here’s the talk if you want to think more about cultural anxieties about women perpetrating violence.

I love when students ask to interview me about my writing process. Enjoy Kayla’s profile of my writing life… Colleen uses words or phrases about consistency frequently when talking about her writing and academic process. She also repeats words and phrases for effect, such as when I asked her about what she wished everyone know […]

I honestly have no idea what most of this Comm Theory means, but I think it is cool students were interested enough in my experience on social media to study it!  I am sharing with permission from Mike, soon-to-be KU grad! Capstone Poster Possible Final Copy

I don’t think I am worthy of an encomium, but I do think it is cool one of my WGS students thinks I am.  With Tyler’s permission, sharing this super-sweet essay. Nevertheless, She Persisted: A Professor’s Perseverance against Hate Have you ever had a professor who caused an uproar on social media with just one […]

The kids really made this episode a great one.  The future is bright! Source: Business Matters – School Safety – Are Our Kids Safe at School – WFMZ

We had a calm and reasoned conversation about sexual harassment.  I hope you will spend 25 minutes with us!   Source: Business Matters – Sexual Harassment in the 21st Century Workplace – WFMZ

I am excited to be part of this discussion. I hope you can come.  Feel free to share widely!  

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